Zen Meditation

Zen & Martial Arts
I personally feel you can't separate which i mentioned above...... 
If you do, then the particular martial art becomes simply a sport like hockey or football. Without the essence of Zen, it is very difficult to understand the full extent of the philosophy of the practice of martial arts. Of course, there is nothing wrong with sports, it's a form of amusement. But one should understand, that the tradition of Budo is of a higher dimension, it is a way of life and it is certainly a precious one.

Sport is sport. And budo is budo!!!  uh..............

Budo is a tool to find peace and self-mastery. It helps to grow spiritually as a human being. It's because of the influence of zen. So we find many zen concepts in martial arts like "Zanshin", "Fudoshin", "Mushin" and etc....

How To Practice Zen Meditation?
This is the term Zen in kanjji,which traces its roots to the indian practice of Dhyana means "meditation". Another term is Zazen 座禅 means "Seated meditation".

  • Find a quite room it should not be too dark or too bright.

  • Zazen is practiced sitting on a zafu, a thick and round cushion, in the full lotus (Kekkafuza in Japanese) or half-lotus position (Hankafuza in Japanese). The purpose of this cushion is to elevate the hips, thus keeping the knees to be firmly rooted to the floor.  
                                                      Image result for half lotus position

            But you can use a chair too.

  • Traditionally in Zen, the eyes are kept open during meditation. This prevents the meditator to not to sleep. See one meter in front of you on the floor. Your eyes will naturally come to rest in a position that is half opened and half closed. It's suggested to facing a wall in order to avoid distracted by external things.

  • The hand position is called the Cosmic Mudra or Hokkaijoin 法界定印 in Japanese. First, put your left hand on the right one, and palms turned towards the ceiling. Now, make an oval by touching the tips of the thumbs together so that your thumbs touch each other.                                                                                                                                                                                               Image result for 法界定印
          There are 2 reasons for this position. 
  • First, shape of the hands harmonizes the condition of our minds. The meaning of the mudra is "beyond duality". 
  • Secondly, if your mind is somewhere else when you sit, naturally the shape will be collapsed. So you can find something is wrong with your meditation and you can correct it.
  • One should focus on breathing. And it should be natural. 
  • During zazen, it is normal to have thoughts and emotions coming up from the unconscious mind. Do not pursue them or fight against them. The more you try to get rid of them, the more stronger they become.

So what to do???????

Just Let it flow...........................
                                                                 Image result for gassho

Before and after the meditation do gassho. Place your palms against each other as if in prayer, and bend forward a few seconds as a sign of respect for the Buddha. 

As a beginner, it is advised to practice zazen for 15 to 30 minutes. One hour on max........

So All the best..

Peace and harmony,
Sensei Maharaj