What is budo and why I should practice...

A senior adult student asked me a question about practising koryu budo 古流 武道 (old marital way)techniques...

I would like to elaborate here...

The techniques in budo seem weird and impractical for the beginners. And sometimes question arises, whether it's gonna work on the streets?

I said "Yes"...

But we practise budo not only in the perspective of self-defense. There are many other reasons too...
It's more than that...😊

And I see budo as a large spectrum....

As a Fitness training to maintain health...
As a Self defense training for self protection...
As a Spiritual path for the wellness...
And for some as a Profession...


It's a way of life. That's why it is called as BUDO .
Bu means "martial" and Do means "way".

Fight against an opponent is sport and fight against oneself is budo.
I mean, fight the EGO.

Competition vs competence

So what is the ultimate goal of budo?
The goal of budo is "one should always try to become a perfect human being".

Have you noticed?
 "Try" to become a....

Yes...We strive to become a better human and try as much as possible to avoid making mistakes. Suppose we make, then do not let it happen again.

And this the beauty of budo.

So how one should practice budo?

Let me explain...

In the ancient period, people in Japan believed that the one who practise martial arts will become a perfect human being.
It was just a concept for many centuries...

Just a concept!!!

Later, when westerners started practising the Japanese martial arts, they put this concept into research. As always, before they get into something, they need a scientific result for whatever they want to follow.

So finally they got the same result.

When one practises a martial art sincerely and with a proper dedication, that makes a person perfect.

Like, if you train the same technique again and again, that improves your will power.

For an example, if a teacher teaches new techniques every day, he keeps giving you as much as you demand and if you're interested and if you're keep expecting them, then it takes you to the state of euphoria. With a bug-eyed, you will hit the dojo with a lot of expectations and desires. For a change, if he asks you to practice the same old technique again and again for two hours, then after a slight sneer, you will go to practice with a doleful and a downcast face. 

If I teach you a new technique every day, that grows your expectations and it feeds your ego.
If it is the other way around, then that kills your expectations. And you will be bored too.
Then that expectation leads to disappointment and that disappointment leads to frustration and that leads to anger....

If you don't expect and if you focus on the training, that improves one quality, which is called "acceptance".
That acceptance leads to obedience (you will do whatever your sensei says) and that obedience makes you disciplined and that discipline makes the man perfect.😊

Peace and harmony,
Sensei Maharaj

Shin 心 - Mind Gi 技 - Technique Tai 体 - Body


Shin 心 - Mind
Gi 技 - Technique
Tai 体 - Body

Mind, technique and body these are the trinity of the martial way. Every budo ka must focus on this principle to grow further in (budo 武道) martial way.

Normally practitioners focus on one thing to set off the rest.

Shin 心 - Mind 
This type of practitioners only read a lot and talk a lot about martial arts, but they don't practice.

Gi 技 - Technique
The second type, they focus only on technique, but they omit doing exercises, and they never read anything which is related to budo.

Tai 体 - Body
The third type, only they focus on exercises and rely on the brutal strength, so their focus lacks on the technical part as well as the spiritual part of the martial way.

Shin Gi Tai principle is like an equilateral triangle, analyse where you are and understand the real purpose of budo so that we can grow equally.

Peace and harmony,
Sensei Maharaj