"Mae Geri" Front kick

Fist of all we should know the meaning of this kick “Mae” means “Front” and “Geri” means “Kick”. So “Maegeri“ means “Front kick".

How to kick:

1. Get into “Gedan barai” stance.

2. Begin by bringing your back knee up and forward.

3. Once your leg is up in the air, it's time for the kick. Use the ball of your foot to aim at. This is the "Striking surface" to kick the target.

4. Immediately snap the leg forward at your target. While rolling your hips forward.

5. Then get back to the starting position.

It's very important kick for the beginners. Don't neglect the proper procedure while training.Use hips and rise the knee as much possible to deliver a powerful kick. Thrust from the hips. It gives you maximum speed & impact. If the kick is proper it would be danger for your opponent. Cuz speed and power are a dangerous combo in karate (for your opponent, not for you)!

Coach instructions are very important if you are novice.

Targets are Ab,Chin&Groin.

Train safe and hard....

Peace and harmony,

Sensei M.Maharaj